Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You're not alone

You're not alone.
There are over six billion people on Earth.
Even though chances are you'll probably know about 1% of the population,
there is still a chance you'll know someone.
Now maybe that person is with you only for fun, but you have to look on the bright side.
That person someday might discover that he will be alone in this world and regret everything,
that will be good, but also bad.
Some people will be in your life for a reason.
To make you smile, to forgive you, to challenge you.
You should be grateful for them.
Because of them you'll be a better person.
You'll give, you'll get, you'll live and forget.
Just know that there are good and bad people.
And I'm one of the good ones.
I'll stick with you through the end.
Go with you through tough times.
Make you laugh till your stomach hurts.
I will follow you into the dark.
I will bake you cakes and cookies.
Make you breakfast in bed.
I will feed you soup when you're ill.
And hug you so the pain will be gone.
I will love you.

You're not alone, I promise.

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