Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pieces of me I need no more..

I shall grant you wishes,
or I shall give you the stars.
Whatever you want,
even love your scars.

I shall give you kisses,
on your neck, or knees.
Even on your shoulders,
wherever you please.

I shall buy you chocolate,
the one you love the most.
Melt it, so that it's more creamy,
and spread it on your nose.

That is just one thing that will
make your face even sweeter.
And then we'll laugh
as I clean your face
making it neater.

In the future
we can go on road trips.
Me making the plans
while you watch me and
eat fish and chips.

I think you know
that I'd do a lot of things for you.
Mainly because you're my boo
and because I love you.

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