Thursday, June 27, 2013

Clear Skies

We should go out, just go, leave everything behind.
Nothing to lose.
Just you and I.
In a car.
Leave at midnight, never come back.
The sand between our toes, golden.
See the stars above us, shining bright.
Lay a blanket on the wet grass, and sit.
Birds singing, creatures rumbling, trees whispering.
Perfection at it's finest.
Then go to the mountains, climb the highest peak.
Then the tree just to get a better view.
Breathe in the fresh air; cleaning our lungs.
Or maybe to the nearest theme park.
Where cotton candy can be found everywhere.
And you'll win a teddy bear for me.
Then I'll buy popcorn for when we ride the ferris wheel.
Our last stop will be the city. The heart of it.
Where we'll go wild because we're young and free.
Free souls in the middle of nowhere.
You and I.
Now that's a fairy tale.

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