Sunday, June 23, 2013

One single thing

I'm sick of this life,
so boring and dull.
Full of mysteries and havoc
before me lay skulls.

I'm sick of the people,
two-faced and foul.
Looking out for just themselves,
other people's lives they prowl.

I'm sick of all the politics,
never achieving our needs.
All we want is some bread,
but we don't even get the seeds.

I'm sick of this generation,
a fucked up crowd.
Always following the pack
getting screwed and proud.

And I'm sick of this town,
empty and deserted.
No one is your friend here
you're left alone mistreated.

But still I find something good in this town,
surprisingly so.
The people I've spent my life with,
who I hope will never go.

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