Wednesday, July 31, 2013

27.07.2013 // Birthday Gifts

     My boyfriend got me this lovely amethyst necklace when we were on vacation. It's so pretty :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

23-28.07.2013 // Vacation

     Vacation is over and I'm back home :(

     My boyfriend and I went to Ohrid which is in my country. It was my first vacation with him; all alone - independent. We had a wonderful time. Went to the local beaches and also to Kaneo, which is a church at the end of a big pile of rocks and you can see the whole lake (fun fact: it's the oldest in the world !!!). And there are also 365 churches in the city - one for each day.
     I'm getting all historian on you now. And we also visited The Monastery of St. Naum which is more than an hour boat ride from the center of the city and the captain tells you interesting facts till the end. 

     I also celebrated my birthday there and it was lovely. :)


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Star-crossed Lovers

we're star crossed lovers
ashamed of our pasts
but find beauty in each others company
that's what makes us last.

we're best friends and more
talk about everything galore
sometimes having troubles
but then we make up and snuggle.

he smokes and i watch
finding the beauty in it
for his stare awakens me
and i feels blissful for a bit.

and when i read he stares
his loathe for them he declares
but knows my love for them
and lets me discover my head's secret glen.

we're star crossed lovers
who adore one's sanity
making time for ourselves
living in a fantasy.